List of foods allowed on 4 hour body slow carb diet

List of foods NOT allowed on 4 hour body slow carb diet


Milk products including cheese (except cottage cheese)

Refined soy products (Soy milk, Tofu, tempeh, soy protein shake)


Potatoes (sweet potatoes, yams, yucca, any starchy vegetable)

Bread, rice, grains, oatmeal, tortillas, quinoa


Creamy dressings and dressings with sugar

Sugar, honey, corn syrup, maple syrup, fructose

Deep-fried breaded food (corrected, good catch!)

Corn, popcorn (updated, per Tim’s comment)


List of foods allowed on 4 hour body slow carb diet


All meat (Beef, pork and poultry NOT treated w/hormones or antibiotics)

Turkey bacon, organic bacon, organic sausages

All fish, seafood (canned is fine)

All beans (chickpeas in moderation)

All vegetables (except potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams)

Hot sauce

Salsa w/o sugar

Any oil (Olive oil, macadamia nut oil, grapeseed oil preferred)


Spices & herbs


Non-creamy low-sugar dressings

Brown rice protein, hemp protein, pea protein

Unflavored whey protein isolate

Unsweetened cocoa

Vanilla extract

List of foods allowed in moderation on 4 hour body slow carb diet




Avocado (1 cup/day max)

Peanut butter/ almond, and other nut butter (1 TB/day)

Nuts (5-10 per meal)

Hummus, chickpeas/garbanzo beans

Coffee (w/up to 2 TB cream)

Aspartame / Equal (Diet soda 16oz/day, Sugar-free JELL-O)

Unsweetened almond milk

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