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Castor Oil Benefits

Castor Oil had been known for various natural remedy qualities. Castor Oil is a natural emollient that penetrates the surface layers of the skin making it softer and more supple. The effects of externally applied Castor Oil can be enhanced through the use of a “castor oil pack” – a piece of wool flannel saturated […]

How to grow long hair

how to grow long hair

There are few secrets about how to grow long hair External ways to affect hair growth Massage Scalp massage is great way to stimulate natural hair growth. Scalp massage brings the blood flow to scalp and hair follicles and helps to feed follicles better to provide faster hair growth. For best results use avocado oil […]

Hair Care Do’s and Don’ts

Read these hair care Do’s and Don’ts to have beautiful shiny hair. If the amount of money consumers spend on hair care products annually is any indication, most people are concerned about the appearance of their hair and strive to attain beautiful, healthy and stylish locks. In fact, most will go to any lengths to […]

Hair Loss Treatments

Hair Loss and hair loss treatments Hair loss, known in medical terms as alopecia, means thinning hair, temporary (due to medical treatment or condition) or permanent. Androgenetic Alopecia, hair loss attributed to genetics and male hormones, is one of the most common types of hair loss. Alopecia areata is also another common type of hair […]


All about hairstyles Why hairstyles are so important? It is crucial to look your best in today society. There are so many of us that are looking for the perfect look, product, care, and price. It’s rare we find a hairstyle that fits into all these categories, but we try our best. Women of different […]

5 tips for healthier hair

5 tips for healthier hair

Read these 5 tips for healthier hair We all know that your hair is your crowning glory. If you will look after your hair, it will shine for all the world to see. You don’t always need expensive treatments, or visits to a hair salon to manage your hair professionally. There’s so much you can […]

Hairstyles in 2013

Are the hairstyles in 2013 would be very different from hairstyles in 2012? If 2012 was a time for trendy locks, then 2013 promises to be even trendier. 2012 was the age of the great re-invention, when old styles were rehashed with greater imagination. The basic styles were evidently from the late 60s and the […]

Eat Your Way To Better Hair

Eat your way to healthy hair

As with skin, what you eat affects your hair. Hair follicles rely on nourishment from the bloodstream, but they compete with the rest of your body for nutrients. Body distributes important and vital nutrients in order of importancy of survival. Hair is nonessential organ. If your diet is lacking nutrients and vitamins, they first will […]

How to make mask for your hair at home

mask for dry and damaged hair

For a rich mask for your hair that will restore essential nutrients for over proccessed hair the best products would be dairy and aminoacides. Here is a mask for your hair you can do at home with dairy products: Dairy Homemade Mask for you hair 1 egg, 2 tbsp of cream cheese 2 tbsp of […]

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